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Changing Your Mindset For Success

When it comes to wanting more out of life, the most common thoughts people have generally start with the words “I wish.” Though it may seem an innocent enough though to have, that in itself is a big part of what holds back those that struggle to get any further. If you’ve found yourself wishing you could accomplish more or have a certain profession, a simple perspective shift may be all you need to give yourself a much better chance of making it all a reality. It may sound crazy at first, but it really does make sense when you think of it.

It’s really very simple. If you focus a lot on how much you wish you were something more, the real focus behind that mindset is the fact that you aren’t. It continually places that particular goal into the future. Even if it’s immensely contradictory to your innermost desires, there’s a tangible layer of acceptance for the status quo behind that kind of thinking.

If you think about it, you’ve probably heard people say things along the lines of “I wish I was better at math” or “I’m not good with computers.” If you spend enough time with people, you’re incredibly likely to hear a lot of thought several times throughout the years. If you say things like that, you may as well be saying “yeah, I’m just not good at this and that’s the way it’s always going to be.” That defeatist mindset completely shuts the door to ever doing anything to turn it all around. If you want something or wish you were better at this or that thing, well, what are you willing to do about it?

Let’s say your greatest dream is to be a songwriter; if that’s the case, stop talking about you wish you could be one and tell yourself you already are one. Replace that hypothetical scenario with whatever suits you best and just believe in yourself. You don’t have to submit to delusional or overly self important mindsets – overconfidence leads to its own set of problems – but accept what you know in your heart is the right path for you and tell yourself that’s exactly what you are, and remain vigilant in that stance. You’ll be far more open to doing what it takes to facilitate your goals than you will by continually reminding yourself that you aren’t there yet.

Once you’ve changed your mindset, it’s all about dedication and setting goals. Break down every step of how you can imagine yourself getting to where you want to be in the most detailed manner you possibly can and start checking things off the list. If you’re passionate enough to work at it and remain open to the possibility of truly making something of yourself, success is so much more likely. All you have to do is start right this minute. There’s no room for putting things off or making excuses. If you want something you have to do all you can to get it. Want more success mindset training? Check out TonyRobbins.com